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TitelCASE REPORT Supraglottic Laryngocele After Longterm Intubation In Childhood

We present a case of an acquired laryngocele 37 years after an episode of long-term laryngeal intubation.

Patient/en und Methoden

As a 6-year-old child, the patient suffered a severe motor vehicle accident in the 80ies and was ventilated for six weeks in a city hospital in Austria. At that time and hospital, reusable tracheal tubes with non-pressure-controlled rubber cuffs were used. After removal of the laryngocele at the age of 42, the clinical course was further complicated by an air leakage at the laryngeal resection site.


We discuss the etiology and management of this patient, suffering long- and short-term complications of medical treatment over a time span of 40 years.


Acquired laryngocele in adulthood is a rare entity and can be caused by laryngeal injury due to long-term ventilation in childhood. The reason why this often remains unknown could be missing documentation and/or missing medical history taking of the treatment when the initiating damage occurred.

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